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1. At the time of making the payment of the reservation, you accept the terms and cancellation policies.


2. Cancellations must be informed to the following email: The following information must be specified in the email:

  • Name that was registered in the reservation.

  • Contact information

  • Date you booked.

  • Amount and proof of payment.

3. Reservation fee is not refundable.

4. The refunds detailed below apply only to the remaining amount of the withdrawal.


5. Cancellations made in the month of January or February 2023 will generate a charge of 75% of the rest of your contribution (not including the reservation fee).


6. Cancellations made in the month of March 2023 will not have any refund.

We appreciate your understanding, this event is non-profit.


The contributions will be used entirely to pay for the event, the exhibitors and the monetary offering to the appreciated teacher Tenzin Ösel, so the return of the amount may affect the fulfillment of our obligations.

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